Extrusion Lamination Plant

Extrusion coating lamination plant is a suitable solution to produce very slim lining layers made of PP, LDPE. … or Coating thin layer of polyolefin’s (Mainly LDPE / PP) on substrates like Woven Sacks, Tarpaulins, Jumbo Bags, BOPP Film, Paper, Aluminum Foil, Polyester Film, Cotton Fabrics, Jute, Non Woven Fabrics, etc. Our Extrusion Lamination Plant is an ideal solution for all the plastic manufacturing and processing industries.

Professional extrusion lamination plant manufacturer in India offer superior quality extrusion coating as well as extrusion lamination plant for their efficient use on IDPE thin layer coating and PP thin layer coating on substances like paper, cotton cloth, woven fabrics, jute fabrics and aluminum foil applications. The equipment supplied by us can able to meet different packaging and lamination needs of all your plastic processing industries.


Extrusion lamination is a process that is used to combine two different substrates using molten polymers. The process of extrusion lamination includes both the characteristics of extrusion and lamination. Our extrusion lamination plant is said to be versatile as it can provide lamination for various substrates including metal, paper and mainly plastic films. It can provide lamination of different thicknesses with level of quality.